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Theatre's Casting Statement

Conundrum Theatre Company is committed to the practice of color-conscious casting, in which we intentionally consider the importance of race and ethnicity in the stories we tell. We recognize that theater has an exclusionary history and that many roles that have traditionally been played by cisgendered white performers could be played by BIPOC, trans, or gender-nonconforming performers. There are also roles for which the character’s race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender identity are vital to the story. Casting actors who share those identities is particularly important in protecting stories that center on characters with historically marginalized identities. In our casting notices, we indicate which parts of a character’s identity are relevant and seek to fill those roles with actors who share those identities. We celebrate diversity and welcome actors of any race, ethnicity, gender identity, gender expression or ability status to audition for any role that is not reserved for individuals with particular identities relevant to that character.

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