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Little Shop of Horrors, composed by the legendary Alan Menken, is a darkly hilarious tale of a hapless florist named Seymour who discovers an unusual plant with a taste for blood. With catchy tunes and a witty book by Howard Ashman, this show has become a cult classic beloved by audiences worldwide. 

Directed by jess Jani

performed in burbank at

the victory theatre center

DSC_0876 (1).JPG


Jake Marshall- Seymour

Nikki Yates- Audrey

Eric Conner- Mr. Mushnik

Omari Miller- Audrey II

Luke Steinborn- Orin Scrivello, Bernstein, wino, Patrick MArtin

Christina Carrera- Chiffon

Joyce Blackmon- Ronnette

Zoe Godfrey-Grinage- Crystal

adrian genesius barron- Audrey II Puppeteer

Jaya Mapleton- Customer, Ensemble, Audrey US, Doo-Wops US

Karen Marie Santos- Mrs. Luce, Ensemble

RYKER- Skip Snip, Ensemble, Seymour US, Mishnik US


Jess Jani- Director

Bimei Flores- Assistant

Anthony Zediker- Music Director

Mallory Wynne- Assistant Music Director

Katie Kaiser- Choreographer

ally lardner- Stage Manager

Shawn Rios- Costumes

Taylor Wesselman- Set Designer

Katie Iannitello- Assistant set designer

Ryver townsend- props coordinator

matthew perelman- Lighting designer

felicia cantu- sound designer/Sound board op

jordan Kaiser- production manager

adrian genesius barron- fight coordinator

bianca r. turner- intern, marketing

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