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The Burbank Community Y and Conundrum Theatre Company's proposal to Revitalize the Burbank Center Stage as a Community-Centered Performing Arts Hub

The Burbank Community YMCA, in partnership with the Burbank-based non-profit theater, Conundrum Theatre Company, proposes an inclusive revenue sharing model to turn the Burbank Center Stage into a buzzing cultural arts hub.

Through consistent educational, cultural, social, and recreational programming provided by the Y, Conundrum, and many other partner arts organizations, the Burbank Center Stage will be alive with community and opportunities, including but not limited to workshops, internships, summer camps, movie nights, piano bar nights, plays, theater productions, improv and stand up comedy nights, and special events. 


The Y will focus on operational excellence

so artists can focus on artistic excellence.

If you're as passionate as we are about bringing new life to this iconic space, we invite you to learn more. Head over to our website, There, you'll find detailed information about our proposal and our vision for the future of Burbank Center Stage.

If you're interested in reading everyone's proposals, they have been made public and can be found at

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