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Conundrum Theatre Company's Little Riddles presents The Little Mermaid Jr. in collaboration with the Burbank Community YMCA at the Victory Theatre Center in Burbank!

Conundrum's first-ever youth summer camp with the Burbank Community YMCA culminated in a final performance of Disney's The Little Mermaid Jr. Journey "under the sea" with Ariel and her aquatic friends!


From the Director

The Little Riddles theatre program was designed after the camp experience I had as a child. Being enrolled in a theatre camp when I was ten quite literally changed the course of my life and helped me get through some of my toughest years. Through Little Riddles I hoped to not only instill a passion for theatre, but also to educate children about all the different disciplines that go into producing a show. Kids not only performed, but also got the chance to design the show! 

Throughout our time together we had several brainstorming sessions to help inspire the sets and costumes, and crafting times to put some of those pieces together! My wish was that the kiddos would find something about the arts that they love, or even about the process. During our first Riddles camp, children aged 5-14 found community through the show. My dream for every Riddles camp to come, that at the end of it all, the children had an experience where they grew not only as a performer but as a whole person. When creating art there is SO much to be excited about, and I think we achieved that excitement with our inaugural camp of The Little Mermaid Jr. 

The future of Little Riddles is bright! We will be back next summer with more fun, and I hope to institute either an after school program or year-round, Saturday morning class broken into different semesters. Stay tuned!

-Kate Clarke

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